Interclamp 173 Single Swivel Combination 42.4mm Tube Diameter

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Interclamp are a global brand of versatile galvanised malleable iron handrail fittings. Recognised for their premium features and high quality; Interclamp tube clamps are double coated, first with a hot-dipped galvanised process, then a secondary coating to enhance corrosion protection and extend the life of the product.

In addition, each fitting has been successfully subjected to stringent vibration endurance resistance tests.

The Interclamp 173 Single Swivel Combination has a versatile swivel fitting, useful for awkward applications where angles cannot be accommodated by adjustable angle fittings.

The through tube (sloping in photo) cannot be joined within the fitting. The assembly is riveted together. This fitting is not designed to withstand lateral loading. An entire structure should not be built only using swivel fittings, this would be unstable.

Interclamp 173 Single Swivel Combination Dimensions : 69 x 117mm.

Fits Tube Diameter : 42.4mm.

All fittings include stainless steel screws. (Figures given as guidance only, dimensions and weights are subject to manufacturing tolerances and may be altered without prior notice).

Advisory: Do not perform any pre-drilling, tube cutting, casting uprights or any other dimensionally critical processes prior to receiving fittings.6.70