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  • Our new Safan Guillotine has landed!

    It’s out with the old and in with the new.

    Today, the long-awaited Safan Guillotine finally hit the warehouse floor. This impressive 7-ton marvel, undeniably took center stage over its’ predecessor.

    There was a buzz of excitement as we watched the old one being fork-lifted away, to make room for the superior model – now Aluminium Warehouse mean business!

    Very soon, you will be able to enjoy of all of its top-of-the-range features and capabilities.

    So, when you order cut Aluminium Sheet online, rest assured we offer the very best in quality and accuracy and still remain the most competitive!

  • Aluminium 3D Printing

    It is now possible to print three dimensionally in Aluminium. Plastic and titanium were the first materials commonly used, but it was only a matter of time before an aluminium solution was created. This will now remove the need for expensive tooling to be created for small scale production.

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  • Alpine launch A110

    Alpine cars have launched their new A110 car at the Geneva International Motorshow. This model is a re-imagining of the 70's classic which was so popular. It has been designed with a super light chassis, which is 96% aluminium, demonstrating it's strength and low weight attributes.

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  • Bespoke Aluminium section

    Sometimes standard extrusion shapes don't suit the purpose, why not have us create a bespoke section for you. Give us a call and we can take you through the process.

  • Metric Sizes

    We now have a wide range of metric sizes throughout our Aluminium range.

  • EasyFix Safety Yellow Tube

    We have added a NEW colour to the easyfix tube range, a bright yellow ideal for constructions where high visibility is essential.

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